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Does Marijuana Keep You High For Months By Being Absorbed Into Your Fat Cells?

The rumor is that marijuana can stay in your fat cells and will keep you high for months. Anti-drug organizations have been spreading this rumor for as long as marijuana has been illegal. I believe this rumor was developed in order to compare marijuana to methamphetamine. For those of you that know anything about methamphetamine addicts, once they’ve been hooked on the drug for so long, they start scratching due to uncontrollable itches from methamphetamine withdrawal and side effects of the drug. After scratching their skin raw, scabs containing methamphetamine will develop on their skin and the worst of addicts will peel these scabs off and eat them to maximize their crazed high. So in essence, methamphetamine can keep you high for days, and months as long as you keep using the drug and eating your scabs. Of course, that is just my theory, who knows what those crazy anti-drug organizations smoke to come up with such weird horror stories and rumors about marijuana.
The fact is, marijuana metabolites do stay in our bodies for about a month after smoking. They do sort of ‘attach’ to our fat cells, but do not provide a constant flow of THC, and certainly do not keep getting you high for an extended period of time. If that happened, noone would be able to function normally and maintain a job, or have a normal life after smoking one joint or bowl. Those metabolites in our fatty cells are actually what urine drug tests detect because they are slowly purged from our fatty cells through our urine as time goes on. Just because you fail a drug test due to these metabolites doesn’t mean you’re high while taking the test. It can take up to a month for the metabolite to reach a level so low that it is beyond detection in most average drug tests.
Marijuana can only keep you high for a couple of hours. If eaten, it can extend into the 5 to 10 hour range depending on the amount consumed, but just because you smoke one bowl, does not mean you will be high for the next week. I’m sure that sometimes we all wish that was the case.